About the charities we play for

The Children's Hearing and Speech Centre of BC

Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC (CHSC) is a family-focused clinical and educational centre that teaches deaf and hard of hearing children to listen and talk, giving them the skills and confidence they need to achieve their fullest potential.

CHSC is celebrating half a century of teaching hundreds of deaf and hard of hearing children to listen and speak, and to fully participate in the hearing world.

In 1963, a group of parents, along with Hilda Gregory C.M., O.B.C, a gifted and dedicated educator of the deaf, founded the Vancouver Oral Centre for Deaf Children (VOC). Today they are known as the Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC (CHSC), and they are the first and still the only independent school in Western Canada to offer listening and spoken language education.

Listening and spoken language education is based on the assumption that children learn to speak because they hear. In 1963, before sophisticated hearing technology was available, Hilda Gregory was one of a handful of deaf educators who believed that even children with profound hearing losses, wearing hearing aids, had enough residual hearing that they could learn to listen and talk. The model of small classes and individual sessions that was the cornerstone of the children’s success at VOC is the one CHSC still use today. Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre provides its children with the listening and spoken language skills, education and confidence to pursue their dreams to the highest level.

For more information: www.childrenshearing.ca or 604-437-0255

Night Hoops

Since 1996, Night Hoops has opened up a world of opportunity for thousands of youth to grow and learn in a supportive environment that promotes team-work, fair play and fun through free basketball games and fundamental life-skills instruction.

Night Hoops grew out of the need for free, positive activities for youth to participate in with their peers on Friday and Saturday nights. Many of our players have been unable to participate in organized sport due to life circumstances such as needing to work part-time, looking after younger siblings, or having social or educational disruptions.

Night Hoops represents the first chance many of our players have to wear a jersey and be a part of a team while representing their community.

Through life skills programming and the development of strong mentor relationships between players and coaches, Night Hoops coaches youth on the solid fundamentals for healthy, positive living by teaching teens skills they can use both on and off the court.

2011 marked the organization’s 15-year anniversary of the creation of this legacy. To ensure we have a future of success in B.C., we are putting the Ball in Your Hands and asking you to Play It Forward to become a part of our Dream Team Lineup of new partners and sponsors or continue to be a part of our All Star Lineup of legacy partners and supporters.

Aboriginal HIPPY

Aboriginal Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), recognizes the power of the parent as a child’s first and best teacher. The Aboriginal HIPPY program serves land-based and urban Aboriginal families across the country, particularly those impacted by the legacy of residential schools, poverty, parents’ limited education, and social isolation.

Since 2002, Aboriginal HIPPY in Canada has had great success in indigenous Nations and communities, utilizing a culturally relevant curriculum to maximize the educational and holistic potential of Aboriginal children. Aboriginal HIPPY works with families and communities to build positive experiences in education and to strengthen their capacity to support learning. By strengthening families, we help build strong and vibrant Nations, family by family.


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