The Rules

Import/Alumni Players:

Each team may have a combined maximum of 4 import and alumni players, with the further restriction that only 2 of the 4 may be import players. So a team can have 4 alumni players, or 3 alumni and 1 import etc. “Alumni” are persons that have actually worked for the firm. If you have specific questions or concerns about import or alumni player rules please contact the Hooplaw committee

Recreational League:

A minimum of 2 women must be on the court at all times. If you think your team may have difficulty getting enough female players then we will help find players for your team.

Recreational and Competitive:

We are generally discouraging players from playing in both the recreational and competitive divisions during the tournament, due to complaints from recreational players last year. This is not a hard rule, but if you are playing in both leagues and scoring 20 points a game in the recreational league then we may ask you to “calm down”.


Each player (except UBC students) is required to raise or donate a minimum of $50 prior to stepping on the court.

Turn Up The Heat